SF Book Bingo Cards

Here is this year’s book bingo card. I generated it randomly from a list of 200 challenges, and I am happy to make one for anyone else looking for a custom book bingo challenge. Alternately, feel free to use my card. You can follow my progress on the sidebar, or by waiting for reviews.

The rules I’m using for this challenge are:

  1. Only one book per tile
  2. … actually, that’s pretty much it.

Alternate rules can include adding a Free Square to the card (either in the centre, or over any unwanted challenge) or allowing alphabet tile books (e.g. ‘Title Starts with ‘J’) to be used on an extra tile. If you feel like taking part in the book bingo challenge, feel free to adjust the rules to suit your reading style.

I love doing book bingos, and I’d be very happy to see what anyone else does with this card, or what new cards I can make for other people. Also feel free to suggest any challenge ideas, and if they aren’t on the list I’ll add them. Anything to increase the power of randomness.

More insight on the challenge can be found on my original post about this card.

To see other cards and challenges, check out this page.

To see what cards I played and what books I read in previous years, click the links below:

2019 Book Bingo

2020 Book Bingo

Happy Reading Everyone,




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