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The Wound-Up Heretic

By Jayde Holmes

Due to my status as a condemned sorcerer-turned-heretic, I’ve wasted thirty endless days bewitched atop the Tower of Purgatory. The barred window of my cell looks out over the tidy brick streets of Queensroost city, with the Colossus of the Goddess of Order looking over the clockwork markets and temples. Her gaze seems to pierce right into the window, meaning I have to endure her scrutiny if I want any view besides the dank room of stone and mould I am forced to wallow in.

The only comforts the court have granted me are a decaying sleeping blanket over a stone slab, a daily meal and bucket of water, a piece of chalk, and my blessed pocket watch. I remember how after the guilty verdict I’d stood in the stand frantically winding that watch. I was condemned to die in thirty-one days, and I managed to wind it thirty-one times before the bailiff ordered me to move on. I had looped the chain around my neck and no matter how disorientated I get I know I can’t take it off.

I wish I could remember why.

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