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A Taste of Home

By Jayde Holmes

He had not expected to meet another human at an ammonia bar on an ice-ball moon near the galactic core.

She had purposely gone to this remote, silicon-based place to avoid meeting other humans.

They didn’t even see each other at first, with their environment suits hiding their figures enough to blend into the crowd of large, shaggy people that called this place – both moon and dark circular tavern – home. He was ushered towards her by his current travel-buddies – a group of small, eight-limbed ferret-creatures taking a break from their studies. She was alerted to his approach by the bartender, who had to ask if it was really possible for two of the same carbon-based lifeforms to have ended up in her fine establishment.

“What are you drinking?” he asked, gesturing towards the bowls of ammonia-based alcohol that were spilling different coloured fog down the bench.

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