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By Jayde Holmes

The Last Human on Earth had reached her destination. Beside her Goldie, the probably last dog on Earth, barked once and started wagging her tail, tongue lolling as she looked from Last Human and the Billionaire’s mansion. The Last Human looked away from the giant, ultra-modern monstrosity, and patted Goldie. The poor girl was all skin and bones, just like the Last Human. Last winter had been harsh.

“We made it girl” The Last Human said as Goldie leaned in for harder ear scratches. “Let’s see if Richie Rich here actually did it.”

And see if his house still had power. And water. And if the stasis machine still worked. And if it had been calibrated properly. And if the arsehole hadn’t found a way to activate it before the plague hit. And if they had even made it in time for Four-Twenty in the first place. There were way too many ‘and ifs’ for the Last Human’s liking. 

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