My Stories

Here you will find a few of my short stories. Or links to short stories that I have published elsewhere.


The World of Green and Black Series


Below are blog exclusive stories set on The World of Green and Black, an alien planet with two very different eco-systems. I will also try to provide artwork to go along with all these stories.


An unusual young Drid’s life is thrown into disarray after a traumatic encounter with Humans. In the aftermath of this incident, they find themselves faced with a choice that will force them to question their ideas about morality and personhood.

Read Part 1 of Neighbor Here 

Read Part 2 of Neighbor Here 


Blog Exclusive Short Stories

The following stories have been written exclusively for this blog, and cannot be read anywhere else.

The 2058 Coober Pedy Winter Olympics


The Winter Olympics. A remote town in the middle of the desert. Experimental weather control technology. What could possibly go wrong?

Published 2016. Art by Zwei

Click Here to read The 2058 Coober Pedy Winter Olympics


Reedsy Writing Prompt Stories

I find reading prompts helpful, and have posted a few stories in Reedsy’s Weekly Writing Prompts Contests. Please click the banner below to see my profile and read my stories.

Despite being written in under a week, I think some of these stories are quite good, and will slowly re-edit and re-release them on this page. Click below to read the re-vamped versions of my Reedsy Prompt stories.

The Wound-Up Heretic

A condemned sorcerer is imprisoned atop the Tower of Purgatory, counting down the days until they go to the gallows. On the dawn of their final day though, reality begins to become a bit weird.  

Click here to read The Wound-Up Heretic


After a deadly plague destroys civilization, the Last Human on Earth comes up with a desperate plan to save the human race. But is the price too high? 

Click here to read Endlings

A Taste of Home

It’s a big galaxy out there, yet two humans keep bumping into each other on strange alien worlds. Is this the start of a beautiful relationship? Or will the baggage of being human in this galaxy be too much to handle?

Click here to read A Taste of Home

Other Tidbits

The MouseLauren+Emblem+New+Helmet+v2

I don’t really consider this one of my short stories. One day my Aunty shared a science fiction story I told her when I was very little. Turns out she wrote it down, and I thought it was cute enough to share.