Book Bingo Cards

On this page I have gathered a few unmarked sample bingo cards. Most are randomly generated, but some come with a theme or special challenge. Feel free to browse and find the right card for your next challenge. I am also open to suggestions for new theme or challenge cards.

Randomly Generated Cards:




Theme/Challenge Cards

The Alphabet Card:


Tour The Sol System Card

For this card, books should all be set within the Sol System. Though there is some leeway with the ‘leave the Sol System’ tile.

Yearly Book Bingo Cards

These are cards I have used in the past for my own yearly book bingo challenges. Below each is a link to the completed card with a list of the books I read for it. Don’t let the years on them turn you off; these challenges never go out of date.

2020 Challenge

My Results

2021 Challenge

My Results

2022 Challenge

2023 Challenge