The Mouse

For years, my Aunty has been saying how I told her this story about a mouse when I was little (7 or 8) and that she wrote it down and would one day find it and give it to me. That day was today. Or, yesterday I suppose. Anyway she dropped off the story, and after getting it translated (I can’t really read running writing that well) I typed it up and decided I may as well share it. I mean, sure, it’s only 59 words, but I thought it was pretty cute.


The Mouse

Space-ship with two rabbits and a mouse. They are all dressed in uniform but the mouse’s uniform doesn’t fit it is too big.

Can you help him?

He is cuddled up in his helmet and won’t come out. Why don’t you send him home to his mummy? He wants to stay here on Earth with his friends the rabbits.


I have no recollection of ever telling or thinking this story, so I cannot say how much is from me and how much was from my Aunty. To be honest, I was expecting something a bit longer. I came up with some pretty long stories back then.

Still, I really like that image of a little mouse curled up in a spacesuit helmet and wanting to stay on Earth with his friends. I just wish I knew whether his mummy was on Earth or in space.

Short and crappy as it is, I figured it might be fun to share what was probably my first science fiction story. I assure you though, I have improved. Somewhat.






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