Magazine Rack

A few weeks ago one of my friends was throwing away a rotating magazine rack. I decided to salvage it, and have now gained a home for a small part of my SF magazine collection. It makes a wonderful display;



There’s still a lot of issues in storage under my bed. For the magazine rack I’ve mostly included issues magazines that I still need to read, that have some sort of significance to me, or that have really cool covers. The oldest magazine is the September 1962 issue of Analog. I also have issues of Asimov’s, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Interzone on the rack.

This magazine rack has also given me another platform to display my Lego on. It was fun getting my rocket out of storage, and I look forward to rotating it with other sets. Hmm… I better see what Star Wars Lego I have for May the Fourth.

I guess that’s all I really need to say here. No reviews, no essays, no stories; I just have a sweet magazine rack next to my desk that I wanted to show off.

~ Lauren



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