Book Bingo 2021

I fired up my book bingo generator and here is the card I got. I have a year to work on it, and I think this one will be a bit easier than last year.

When I originally rolled this card, I ended up getting a few challenges from my last card. I spun the randomiser again and replaced all the repeats, except the ‘non-fiction: learn about war’ challenge, since I didn’t get that last year. Which is funny, because that’s one I was very confident with last year.

My rules for this one a very simple; one book can only fill one challenge, and a ‘book’ is defined as a story with an entry on Goodreads. Though, I’ll be sticking to novella-length or longer for non-graphic stories, and for graphic stories I’m going with graphic novel length rather than comic book. There is no distinction between formats; stories can be dead tree, audiobook, or e-book.

If anyone would like to use this card, let me know; it’ll be fun to see what different people come up with for some of these challenges. I’m also happy to fire up the randomizer again if anyone wants their own unique card. Just leave a comment asking for one, and specify if there are any targets you want to meet or tropes you want to avoid. Feel free to place whatever rules and restrictions you like if you use my cards for your own book bingo challenge.

Happy Reading,



3 thoughts on “Book Bingo 2021

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