Book Bingo 2022 Card

Time to roll a new bingo card to play with this year. I have a list of over 200 challenges that my bingo generator can draw from, so I never know quite what I’ll be working on. Here’s what I rolled this year.

I like this card. It has a variety of challenges, asks for a few non-fiction books, lots of different genres and settings and dammit that middle row is going to be hard.

The rules I’m using for this challenge are:

  1. Only one book per tile
  2. … actually, that’s pretty much it.
  3. But if you want to use this card for your own challenge, feel free to add or modify any rules to make this challenge better sited for your needs and tastes.

I don’t think I’ll review every story that goes on the card this year. I want to move away from reviews; mostly make this blog a hub for information on awards and reading challenges, whilst focusing on creating original content in the form of my own stories. I’ll still do some reviews. I’m enjoying my in-depth discussion of Terra Ignota, and had fun talking about the Brave Little Toaster books. I also noticed on my site statistics that most of my views come from reviews of older, lesser known SF books, which are also amongst my favourite to talk about. So, if that’s what everyone prefers, I’m happy to focus more on those types of reviews. I’ll probably experiment a bit with the blog over the next couple of months, so bare with me.

If anyone wants to use this card for their own reading challenge go ahead. Alternatively, I have a page of book bingo cards for you to browse through. Just click here.

If you are feeling really adventurous, drop a comment with your favourite colour, and I’ll make you your very own randomized book bingo card for the year.


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